Visiting Undergraduate Research Intern

Description and Eligibility

Visiting Undergraduate Research Interns (VURIs) are current undergraduate students performing research under the sponsorship of a principal investigator.

  • Must be a current undergraduate student
  • May be paid or unpaid. Paid VURIs receive a stipend.
  • Appointment does not grant student status; it is a research appointment.

Appointment Checklist (for Administrators)

For new appointments of VURIs, the following information should be provided to the relevant Academic Appointments Manager:

International VURIs will also be required to provide their Academic Appointments Manager with a Certification of Enrollment before beginning the visa process.

VURIs will be required to sign a Visitor Participation Agreement and the Acknowledgement of Risk and Release (if unpaid) before their appointment can begin.

Visa Information

See the Harvard International Office Visa Information page