Brand Messaging

This messaging platform serves as an internal framework that forms the basis for public-facing communications related to Harvard SEAS. The contents of this guide establish and give voice to the key ideas, values, and principles that characterize SEAS at the highest level, and position us to produce communications that are consistent and compelling.


Familiarity with the guide is first step toward successful implementation. Take a few minutes to read through the entire guide, noting phrases and talking points that are particularly resonant. Keep the guide handy and reference it often as you develop communications for the institution, such as recruitment materials, fundraising communications, web pages, or informational pieces.


  • Borrow generously from the content.
  • Use the platform to inspire storytelling.
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Points of intersection and impact

SEAS is uniquely positioned to serve as a point of convergence for far-ranging, multidisciplinary collaboration within and beyond Harvard—bringing together diverse schools, institutes, and scholars to understand and devise solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. The strength of our people and focus of our work are singularly conducive to making discoveries that have global impact.


A diverse and inclusive environment

SEAS is an inclusive community of dedicated problem-solvers who hold themselves—and one another—to the highest academic and professional standards. Our faculty, staff, students, and researchers have diverse backgrounds and perspectives; their work is informed and strengthened by their ability to share with and learn from one another. Together, they embrace a culture of agility, mutual respect, and devotion to the common good. We value innovation, strive to create a diverse and welcoming environment, reward initiative, and exemplify the spirit of collegiality.


How we endeavor to benefit humanity

Members of the SEAS community are united in their commitment to harness science and technology to create a better future. We set our sights on the world’s largest and most complex problems, which offer the greatest opportunity for positive impact. Few academic centers possess a comparable level of collective expertise and creativity, or a stronger collective commitment to marshal those resources in pursuit of a brighter, more sustainable, and more equitable tomorrow.


How the liberal arts strengthen our work

Tomorrow’s leaders must possess both deep knowledge and profound empathy. In keeping with Harvard’s longstanding commitment to broad and rigorous study of the liberal arts, SEAS enables students—particularly at the undergraduate level—to explore a wide range of academic disciplines, and inspires them to approach their endeavors critically and contextually. As a result, our students are prepared to deliver solutions that are not only technically brilliant, but also ethical and humane. After graduation they leverage this breadth and depth of perspective to conceive innovative ventures, launch social enterprises, shape responsible policies, advance knowledge, and make groundbreaking discoveries that lead to a better world.


How research and teaching drive our academic excellence

Deep expertise across diverse disciplines, generosity of spirit, and profound curiosity inform our approach to education and research, which is further enhanced by our community’s manageable scale and commitment to collaboration. Our faculty, students, staff, and researchers undertake unconventional projects, adapt to changing circumstances, and pursue creative research and teaching that help set the standard for academic excellence and innovation across engineering and applied science disciplines.


Allston and our extended campus

The expansion of Harvard’s Allston campus, home of the new Science and Engineering Complex (SEC), represents a watershed event in the history of the University. The SEC is designed to foster and facilitate the type of multidisciplinary, innovative work that is our community’s hallmark; the Complex’s cutting-edge facilities and workspaces will strengthen our ability to direct that work toward advances in knowledge and technology with profound impact. Enhancing our capabilities and facilities not only benefits Harvard’s broader academic enterprise, but also strengthens existing relationships and creates opportunities for new connections with academic, business, and community partners near and far.


Our role in the Harvard ecosystem

The ongoing growth and ascent of SEAS reflects Harvard’s evolving approach to undergraduate education, which promotes engineering and the applied sciences as core elements of a well-rounded, world-class education. Creating opportunities for Harvard students, faculty, researchers, staff, and alumni to advance humanity through these disciplines will play a pivotal role in shaping the University’s identity as a 21st-century educational institution and help ensure Harvard’s continued leadership on the world stage.


Our shared mission and collaborative spirit

From robotic insects and quantum computing to sophisticated climate models and precision drug delivery platforms, the work of SEAS students, staff, faculty, and researchers often defies traditional categorization. Our shared mission and collaborative approach unite our community and fuel our pursuit of new technologies and discoveries. Increases in student enrollment and the expansion of our campus will strengthen the entire SEAS community by improving our world-class learning environment, enhancing our reputation within and beyond Harvard, and introducing new ideas, collaborators, inventions, and innovations.


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