Harvard News Resources

Harvard Media

Harvard-based publications reach a broad audience, both on campus and internationally.


The main website for the University. Updated continuously.

Harvard Gazette

The official Harvard news publication, updated daily online year-round.

Harvard Social Media & Newsletters

A link to all of Harvard's social media accounts and electronic newsletters, as well as those used by other schools at Harvard.

Harvard Crimson

Independent student newspaper published each day during the regular academic term (with ongoing online coverage during the summer). Circulation: The entire Harvard campus.

Harvard Magazine

Published bimonthly. Circulation: All Harvard alumni; staff; friends and VIPs; and subscribers. Harvard Magazine is an independently edited and separately incorporated affiliate of Harvard University. It is the only publication covering the entire University that is also regularly distributed to all graduates, faculty, and staff.

GSAS Bulletin

The newsletter of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.


The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences' alumni newsletter. Circulation: GSAS alumni, FAS faculty. 

Harvard News Offices

The SEAS Communications Office frequently coordinates its efforts with the University News Office, the FAS Communications Office, and other school-based offices.