Public Relations/Media

The Office of Communications works, in coordination with the FAS Communications Office and the University News Office, with students, faculty, and staff to publicize newsworthy research findings, awards, and events both internally and externally.

The primary ways to engage with the media include issuing press releases (or media notices) and "pitching" stories to reporters. In addition, highlighting news and research on the SEAS website, Harvard website, social media channels and related internal sites also helps to generate media and public interest.


The Office of Communications writes, designs, and produces the school's primary publications, including:

  • Overview Brochure (published annually)
 An introduction to SEAS, including key facts and figures.
  • Research Area Brochure (published annually)
Lists SEAS faculty by area of research specialty.
  • Inside SEAS (published weekly)
 This internal electronic newsletter, distributed to members of the SEAS community, highlights accomplishments, upcoming events, faculty news, HR announcements, and more.
  • Newswire (published monthly) 
This electronic newsletter, distributed to members of the SEAS community and our public mailing list, highlights both SEAS press releases and externally-published news stories. To receive this newsletter sign up at,
  • eNews (published quarterly)
 The eNews, featuring news and events, is distributed by email to SEAS alumni. Contact to subscribe.

Social Media

The Office of Communications manages the school's presence on the following social media channels.

Facebook Instagram
LinkedIn YouTube
Twitter Snapchat

Photography & Multimedia

The Office of Communications creates/captures photography and other media for use in press releases, social media, publications, and for distribution to other Harvard entities and the media. Please contact us for more information.

The Harvard News Office also has an image library from which images may be purchased for a small fee.


The Office of Communications posts news to the school's public website ( and maintains the overall functionality of the site.

Emergency Communications

The Office of Communications is responsible for emergency communications to the school.