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Press Releases

The primary ways to engage with the media include issuing press releases (or media notices) and "pitching" stories to reporters. In addition, highlighting news and research on the SEAS website, Harvard website, social media channels, and related internal sites also helps to generate media and public interest.

If you are interested in highlighting recent research, initiatives, or awards, please coordinate these efforts with the Communications Office.

When appropriate, the SEAS and/or FAS Communications Office/s will draft the release (with your input/final approval) and coordinate outreach to the media (including general and technical publications and internal Harvard publications).

Always let us know about upcoming work with as much notice as possible.
Note: Occasionally, prior to publication of a major research paper or in anticipation of a major award (for example), the SEAS Communications will reach out directly to a faculty member, researcher, or graduate student.

Social Media

Some news and activities are best represented with a social media post. We can help you determine the best platform for your message.

For more details on how to receive coverage, please contact the Communications Office at