Accessible Parking/Building Entrances

Accessible Building Entrances


Automatic doors are located on the southwest side of Maxwell Dworkin, north side of Pierce Hall, and north side of Lyman Lab, which can all be accessed from the SEAS parking lot. Automatic doors to McKay can be found off of Oxford Street.


Automatic doors are at all entrances to the SEC. Three of them are located along Western Avenue.

The north side of 114 Western Avenue has automatic doors, next to the parking lot.

Accessible Parking

University Disability Resources (UDR) and Parking Services jointly manage all parking policy and parking requests based on disability. Persons who require accessible parking as a reasonable accommodation will not be required to pay more than the applicable rate for similarly situated individuals without disabilities who park in the same facility.

Accessible permits may be purchased online for the following locations:

  • Broadway Garage (convenient for Harvard Art Museums and surrounding areas)
  • 52 Oxford Street Garage (convenient for Northwest Science, Harvard Museum of Natural History, Peabody Museum and surrounding areas)
  • 10 Everett Street Garage (convenient for Harvard Law School and surrounding areas)

Purchase accessible permits online at If you do not have an assigned code, please use – Department: Visitor to Campus, Department Code: 7700.

Individuals seeking parking in alternate locations not listed above, please contact UDR via e-mail at Please include the following information:

  • Location of Visit
  • Date and time of visit
  • Name of individual driving
  • Functional Limitations (i.e. Can walk short distances, Uses Wheelchair, Stairs okay, No Stairs)
  • Vehicle Color
  • Vehicle Model
  • License plate number and State
  • Parking Space Type (Standard accessible, Van accessible)
  • If available, please provide state-issued disabled placard number

*Please note that requests are unable to be processed without the information above