Job Aids for Buying and Paying at SEAS

A list of Buying & Paying job aids and training resources listed alphabetically under SEAS-Specific Job Aids and University Job Aids.



SEAS Job Aids

The following resources are specific to Harvard SEAS.

B2P Catalog_Non-Catalog Approval Workflow 
This document is meant to be a companion to the Harvard ROPPA Policy, outlining shared expectations at all Approval Levels for Catalog and Non-Catalog Purchase Orders.

B2P Catalog_Non-Catalog Checklist 
This checklist provides guidance for Shoppers, Requestors and Approvers when preparing or approving Catalog and Non-Catalog Purchase Orders.

B2P Catalog and Non-Catalog Orders: A Guide for Lab Shoppers

This document provides guidance on how a Shopper should prepare a cart for Catalog and Non-Catalog Purchase Orders.

SEAS Independent Contractor Flow Chart

This document provides guidance on whether or not an Independent Contractor Questionnaire or Attestation is required to be completed when engaging an individual to perform a service. 


University Job Aids/Training Resources

To better serve our site visitors, the following resources will be divided by the user types Shopper, Requester, and Approver on each page linked below. 

Guidance for NEW B2P Users 
Access learning path postcards that outline the recommended training for users who are new to B2P.

B2P Quick Reference Guides
B2P Quick Reference Guides for Getting Started, Shoppers, and Requestors and Approvers 

B2P Online Training
These online role-specific training courses contain individual video tutorials.  These can be watched and re-watched as individual topics when you need a refresher.  The video tutorials within each course can be accessed from the Video Homepage slide within the course, and are listed below for reference.

B2P Video Tutorials
Click here to access B2P video tutorials for: 

  • Adding Chart Of Account Favorites
  • Cart Verification and Comments
  • Payment Requests
  • Non-Employee Reimbursements
  • Change Requests
  • PO Management: Receiving
  • PO Closure
  • Approval Queue Management
  • Document Search
  • Shared Queue Hold and Forward
  • Ad Hoc Approval Experience
  • Document Review and Approval
  • Invoice Exceptions


Harvard University Credit and Trade References