Financial Forms

Below is a list of commonly used forms, listed by the categories. Click on the links below to skip to the section of this page.

Payment Requests & Purchase Orders

Tax Certificates

Travel & Reimbursement

While not exhaustive, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. If you see something’s missing, let us know!



Payment Requests & Purchase Orders

Bank Draft Authorization Form
To have the check cut in a foreign currency, enclose this form with the payment request.

Check Inquiry Request Form
Please use this form to request that a stop payment be placed on a check or to request that a check be reissued.

Credit and Trade References for Harvard University
Please provide the information located here to any vendors requiring credit and trade references.

Deposit/Prepayment Form
Please use this form when a deposit or a prepayment is required.

Domestic Wire Transfer Form
This form is used to wire a USD payment to a vendor. Please enclose this form with the payment request and note that the minimum dollar amount for US wires is $1,000. Please note that while we are working remotely US wires require an exception approval from Central Finance. 

Foreign Wire Transfer Form
This form is used to wire payment to a vendor in a foreign currency and needs to be attached to the payment request. Please note that a foreign currency wire transfer can be submitted in any dollar amount.

In Lieu of Invoice Form
For use when an invoice isn’t available (not required in B2P).

Non-employee Reimbursement Form
Use this form for students or non-employees requesting reimbursement for expenses incurred while conducting official Harvard business.

SEAS Fabrication and System Request Form

Vendor Justification Form
Harvard University requires vendor/supplier selection justification and price verification for orders > $50,000 purchased with Federal funds (100000-199999 fund range). Purchases made with cost-share funds or journaled onto Federal funds must also meet these requirements. 



Tax Certificates

Form St-2 Certificate of Exemption
Please use this form when a vendor asks to see proof that Harvard is tax exempt in MA.

Form St-5 Sales Tax Exemption Purchaser Certificate
Please use this form when needing to prove that Harvard is sales tax exempt in MA.

Form St-5C Contractor’s Sales Tax Exempt Purchase Certificate
Please use this form when needing to prove to a contractor that Harvard is sales tax exempt in MA.

Federal Tax Exemption Letter – 501 (C) (3)
Please use this form when needing to prove that Harvard is exempt from paying federal tax in MA.

Blank W9
Attached is a form the vendors can fill out and attach to their Supplier Portal in B2P.

Harvard’s W-9
Please use this form when requested by a vendor for Harvard's tax ID number and certification.



Travel & Reimbursement

Fly America Travel Reimbursement Exception Form
When a traveler uses a non-U.S. flag air carrier for travel to be charged to a federally-funded award or federal cost share account, this form, along with any relevant supporting documentation, must be completed and submitted for reimbursement.

Missing Receipt Affidavit
When you are missing a receipt for over $75, you will need to complete a Missing Receipt Affidavit to attach to reimbursement request and reports in Concur.


SEAS Add Pay Form
Use this form to request Supplemental Payments for Harvard paid employees (including late reimbursements). The payment will be added to the employee’s next regular paycheck.

SEAS Exception Request Form

To request an exception to the University Travel and/or Business Expense Reimbursement Policy, follow the SEAS Exception Process outlined here and submit completed form to SEAS Finance Operations for review.