The Financial Operations team is responsible for the approval of purchases and reimbursements, policy compliance and guidance updates, as well as providing training and support on our financial systems and processes.  If you need any assistance, please let us know.

SEAS Finance Updates

SEAS NER Guidance

To improve our cross-teams’ experiences and outcomes related to the creation and approvals of Non-Employee Reimbursement requests, please find new (and some refreshed) NER Resources on the SEAS Job Aids page linked to the right. The specific resources to draw your attention to in this location are:

  • NER Expense Workbook (Excel): Tool that enables travelers and preparers to detail and organize all required information in one form; in advance of entering the requests into Buy2Pay.
  • SEAS NER Guidance for Preparers (PDF): Provides guidance on how to track and organize expense and receipt documentation, translate documentation into the NER excel tool and NER form, and complete requisition steps within the Buy2Pay system.
  • SEAS Traveler Reimbursements Guidance (PDF): Supplemental documentation to Harvard University Business and Travel policies that provides SEAS-specific guidance for business travel and reimbursements.
  • SEAS Airfare Comparison Guidance (PDF): Guidance for travelers to follow that ensures they have proper documentation, specific to airfare, for reimbursement.

Buying and Paying

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Buying and Paying Financial Policies                     Forms                                                                           

Job Aids/Training Resources                                     PCard 

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Travel and Reimbursement

What Do I Need To Know                                                  Access Concur

Travel and Reimbursement Policies                           Travel Resources/Forms

Corporate/Department Cards                                      Contact/Support


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