Purchasing Card

Harvard Purchasing Cards ("PCards") are University-liability cards issued in the names of authorized, trained individuals to purchase certain eligible goods and services in support of Harvard University business.

Obtaining Your PCard

  1. Read the Purchasing Card Policy.
  2. Complete the PCard Overview Training and Responsibility of Purchasers, Preparers, and Approvers (ROPPA) Training.
  3. Complete the Application
  4. Submit the completed application form to procurementhelp@seas.harvard.edu.

Activating Your PCard

  1. Every Citi Card comes with an activation sticker applied to the front the card.  Go to the URL or call the toll free number provided on the activation sticker.  
    NOTE:  To activate this card you will be required to enter your Verification ID.  Your Verification ID will be the last 4-digits of your HUID number.  Ensure you have this information available prior to initiating the activation process.
  2. Confirm receipt of your card by following the activation instructions on the card or on the website.
  3. Choose your PIN.  You must also select a PIN in order to use your card.  Follow the voice-response prompts or online instructions for selecting a PIN.
    NOTE: It is important that you activate your card and select a 4-digit PIN immediately upon receipt to prevent any service disruptions.
  4. Peel off sticker, sign your card immediately, and begin using it.  If your new card is replacing an old card, don't forget to destroy your old card.


Prohibited Purchases

  • Purchases from vendors in B2P
  • Personal purchases of any kind
  • Split transactions to circumvent the single transaction limit
  • Gift certificates or gift cards of any amount
  • Gifts greater than $100
  • Travel – these expenses should be charged to the corporate card, not the PCard, or paid out of personal funds and reimbursed


PCard Cardholders/Preparers: All transcations in Concur should be rconciled weekly.  Monthly PCard report can be submitted on the 14th of each month and must be submitted for review by the 17th of each month. 

Assigned reviewers: Receive monthly PCard report no later than the 17th of the month.  All reports should be reviewed, and feedback provided within 7 days of submission.  If not approved within 7 days, the report will be automatically returned to the cardholder.

Financial Operations will monitor un-submitted monthly reports and communicate to preparers who have not fulfilled their obligations.

Links to PCard Resources

SEAS PCARD Process Guidance

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