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4. Main Atrium

Main Atrium 2

A second floor view of the building's main atrium.

The main atrium spans six stories above ground and two stories below and allows natural light to reach deep into the building. Floating staircases cross expanses throughout the building. These open spaces with indoor plantings connect the school’s scientists, engineers, and students to each other and the outdoor environment.

With two retractable screens and projectors, the main atrium also serves as a location for events both large and small.

Harvard Time Capsule

Harvard Time Capsule

Designed by BREAKFAST, a Brooklyn-based artist collective, the three-panel Harvard Time Capsule displays both live-capture and recorded images of passers by using “Flip-Discs” — electromagnets serving as mechanical pixels that rotate from one side to another.


Stop by the SEC Cafe, operated by Harvard University Dining Services. The Cafe is open for breakfast, lunch, and on occasion, in the evening. For undergraduate students on the College meal plan, fly-by options are available for lunch, and Board Plus can be used during all meal times.

SEC Cafe