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7. Active Learning Labs

The main floor features a suite of rooms stewarded by the Active Learning Labs team.

Mechanical Engineering

Visible directly from the main atrium area is the rapid fabrication lab, which houses 3D printers and laser cutters used by students working on academic coursework in the adjacent mechanical engineering labs as well as students working in the SEAS Makerspace. Students gain access to this space by taking the training through one of their courses or from the weekly makerspace safety training.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Lab

Located on the first floor of the SEC, the Electrical Engineering Active Learning Labs are state-of-the-art instructional facilities that support SEAS students and educators in hands-on learning experiences. The EE active learning team manages and maintains resources housed in the LSR (1.110/1.111) and the EE shop (1.108). The EE active learning team provides technical support on independent and course-related projects, research initiatives, or in the context of extracurricular clubs and activities.

Computing in Engineering Education

Located right beside the Electric Engineering lab, you will find the computer lab. It is meant to be more than a typical computer lab. The design of the layout is meant to assist collaboration, not just instruction. This model enables learning activities through collaboration on projects.

Biological Engineering and Environmental Engineering

Biological Engineering Lab

Towards the southeast side of the ground floor are labs for biological and environmental engineering. The bio lab features a cell culture suite as well as a microscopy room. Students work on experiments that include microbiology, mammalian cell culture, and molecular biology.  The environmental lab features state-of-the-art analytical chemistry instrumentation, as well as equipment essential for studying air, water, and soil pollution. The environmental lab also features a scanning electron microscope for close examination of environmental samples.

REEF Makerspace

The REEF Makerspace.

Centrally located within the SEC, adjacent to the main atrium is the SEAS REEF Makerspace (Reimagining Experiential Education and Fabrication). This light-filled workspace is our most open-format work area for student projects, available all hours to safety-trained users. In addition to expansive worktops and project storage lockers, there are a range of basic hand tools, desktop 3D printers, electronics workbenches, and sewing machines. Along the perimeter and along the walkway leading to the mechanical teaching plaza are workshop areas that are each dedicated to a suite of themed fabrication equipment. The rapid fabrication (laser cutting and 3D printing), wood shop, polymer casting spaces, and CNC teaching machine shop are shared between the academic teaching lab plaza and the Makerspace area.