Merit Bonus Awards

Purpose: Merit Bonus Awards have been a component of the annual increase process for exempt staff for several years. Managers may nominate exempt staff members who have demonstrated excellence in their performance throughout the year to receive this award during the annual performance appraisal cycle.  

Funding: Potential to remain centralized or allocations made to groups.

Approval Process for Merit Bonus Awards

  • Nominees and the amounts to be awarded are solicited from Staff and Faculty Managers in April of each year.
  • No more than 30% of exempt staff would be expected to receive a Merit Bonus Award each year.
  • Preliminary performance ratings must be submitted for review by April 15.
  • Review and Calibration – The Executive Deans, or other designated management team members will be responsible for the final review and approval of Merit Bonus Awards.
  • To be eligible to receive a Merit Bonus Award themselves, staff managers must complete an annual performance review in ePerformance for each member of their staff.