Sit-Stand Desk Policy

SEAS has a limited budget to purchase sit-stand desks for SEAS staff and faculty.

To request a sit-stand desk, enter the following information via the Work Order System:

  • Problem: Furniture Misc
  • Problem Detail: Standard standing desk 36-inch model

The standard model will meet most needs. If you have dual monitors or other special needs, please indicate that information.

Please Note: 

  • Facilities will arrange delivery of your sit-stand desk to your work location.
  • Facilities will use available sit-stand desk inventory whenever possible. If inventory is not available, Facilities will purchase the sit-stand desk.
  • Facilities will collect and store sit-stand desks for reassignment if the sit-stand desk is no longer needed.
  • If the SEAS sit-stand desk budget is depleted, *a waitlist will be created and requests will be filled as inventory becomes available. As an alternative, managers may choose, at their discretion, to purchase sit-stand desks using available funds from their local budgets.

*Reasonable Accommodation Requests for Sit-Stand Desks

If you been waitlisted and need a sit-stand desk as a workplace reasonable accommodation due to a physical impairment that substantially limits your ability to perform the essential functions of your position, you may request an exploration of possible coverage under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the associated reasonable accommodation (sit-stand desk). To initiate the reasonable accommodation interactive process, please contact:

Marybeth Wilcox, Assistant Director of Human Resources, (617) 495-2908

Heidi Shea, Human Resources Consultant, (617) 496-8445