Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

  • All members of the community are entitled to respect. All individuals are expected to demonstrate respect, in all their dealings with every other individual at SEAS, for each person’s worth, dignity, and capacity to contribute.
  • All members of the SEAS community are entitled to work in an environment that is free from threat, harassment, abuse, or discrimination.
  • SEAS employees are entitled to a clean, safe, and adequate workspace.
  • All members of the SEAS community are entitled to a timely, fair, and meaningful evaluation of their contributions. Students and faculty will be evaluated by standard systems in place. Annual performance evaluations for staff are required and are viewed as a vital tool in the ongoing dialogue between supervisors and staff. The SEAS administration will regularly review all systems of evaluation.
  • All members of the SEAS community are entitled to know what is expected of them and to know that other members of the community are equally well informed. Proper training and orientation will be available to all members of the community. Ongoing professional training will be available to further the individual staff member’s development and enhance the overall success of the School.
  • Employees who are regularly assigned responsibilities and/or level of authority above the requirements of their jobs should be recognized appropriately in consultation with HR.
  • SEAS is a professional environment and work should be carried out in a professional manner. It is unprofessional to assign fellow members of the community, be they students, direct or indirect reports, duties unrelated to the requirements of their jobs. Each individual is obliged to minimize the impact of non-SEAS activities, such as personal phone calls or visitors, or outside work.
  • Civil, ongoing communication at all levels contributes to the spirit of a strong community and an effective workplace. In a rapidly changing work environment, consideration should be given to the impact of growth or change on all of the people directly involved, as well as the community at large. The implications of these changes should be discussed openly, with input respectfully solicited from all concerned, within a time frame that allows all comments to be taken seriously and addressed.
  • Accountability is essential. SEAS will maintain and publicize a clear structure to address complaints involving the behavior of staff, students, or faculty. Allegations of improper behavior will be treated seriously and resolved promptly.