SEAS Talent Share

SEAS Talent Share is a way for Departments and Areas to share people resources, during this adjusted work environment, to support meeting the administrative, research and teaching goals of SEAS. We hope through this program that managers have access to additional resources to support their immediate program and project needs and for employees to have access to new experiences, skill development and networks.

This program is facilitated by SEAS Human Resources. Please direct any questions to Eleanor Storch,

Request Talent

Managers with a Project Need:

  1. Contact Eleanor Storch, Human Resources ( to talk through project and program needs and clarify resource needed. Some of the specifics we will cover are:
    • Nature of the work and confirming it fits scope of this program
    • Overview of skills and experience needed to complete the assignment
    • Predicted hours per week and expected length of assignment
    • Onboarding needed and who will provide (training, systems access, etc.)
  2. Complete the I Have an Opportunity Form 
  3. Eleanor will contact you to review next steps.
Share Talent

Employees wishing to participate and Managers wishing to nominate a team member:

  1. Employee and Manager together review viability of participation based on time available and current standing on team. 
  2. Once mutual agreement is established to participate, the Manager will complete the I Can Help Form.
  3. Eleanor Storch, Human Resources ( will reach out to both the Employee and Manager to review next steps.

Who is eligible to participate in the SEAS Talent Share?
Current benefits eligible employees. Please consider this option before hiring a temporary or LHT (less-than-halftime) employee.

How are matches made for a project and an employee?
HR will evaluate skills and time needed for a project and review project match ideas with the managers and employee prior to anything being confirmed. 

Are there standard hours per week for a SEAS Talent Share?
There is not a standard recommendation and hours will vary based on project. Hours noted should be less than full-time.

Is there a recommended number of weeks to complete a Talent Share?
The length of time will depend on the scope of the project but for now we are requesting that project duration equates to three months or less.

Will there be a position grade or salary change for the employee lending their talent to another group?
An employee’s grade and salary will remain consistent unless there are extenuating circumstances that would necessitate a review.

Does time spent in another group impact the financials of the sending or receiving group?
There is no planned impact to financials.

Would participating in a SEAS Talent Share project warrant overtime?
The expectation is that current hours would be kept whole and helping another group would not increase standard working hours.

Who is my manager during a Talent Share?
Your manager in your primary role remains your primary manager. The manager for the Talent Share Opportunity will guide you in the work of your temporary assignment and provide feedback to both you and your primary manager.

Talent Share Opportunities

Any currently available talent share opportunities will be posted here.