Rewards and Recognition

SEAS offers a robust rewards and recognition programming as part of an ongoing effort to celebrate and cultivate talent at all levels. This programming includes our annual SEAS Recognition Awards, Spot Rewards, and more. 

2024 SEAS Recognition Awards

The SEAS Recognition Awards celebrates the incredible contributions of SEAS staff and faculty members. SEAS staff are invited to participate in the awards by submitting their nominations through our 2024 SEAS Recognition Awards Nomination Form. The nomination period is open from February 22 - March 8, 2024, and includes:

  • Harvard Heroes Award, a University-wide award that honors high-performing staff that support the mission of Harvard at the highest levels of contribution, impact, and excellence. 
  • Dean's Distinction Award, an award that recognizes a small number of staff members for their outstanding collaboration and exceptional contributions to SEAS. 
  • Venky Award for Mentoring and Community Building, an award that is intended to encourage and recognize staff members who have made a significant contribution to mentoring and community building at SEAS. 
  • Abacus Award for Faculty Collaboration with Staff, a SEAS award that recognizes a faculty member's dedication to excellence in collaboration with staff members.

For more information, please visit the SEAS Recognition Awards page.