Inclement Weather Policy

SEAS follows the inclement weather policies established by Harvard University and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

It is very unusual for Harvard to close in response to inclement weather; thus, in general, SEAS teaching and research activities will continue in these circumstances.

For the latest information about the status of university operations during inclement weather, please contact the University Weather and Special Conditions line at (49) 6-NEWS (6397) or visit the Harvard homepage at No information means business as usual.

Essential Personnel

Employees whose positions are determined to be essential are notified of their status related to weather related events including whether they are expected to report to work if the University decides to alter working business hours or suspend normal operations for the day during a storm. If you are not informed that your position is essential, it is fair for you to assume that you do not need to be at work during these times.

Snow/Travel Emergency Policy

With the possibility of inclement weather, especially during the winter months, SEAS members should familiarize themselves with the relevant policies.

First and foremost, SEAS follows the same inclement weather policies as the University and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. In general, SEAS' teaching and research activities will continue during inclement weather. At SEAS, the Executive Dean for Administration and Finance will communicate any decision related to the suspension of normal operations. 

In addition a MessageMe text message alert will be sent to all SEAS employees when decisions have been made regarding delayed starts, early releases or the suspension of normal operations. Enroll in MessageMe.

When there is bad weather, all members are expected to make every reasonable effort to be at work. When severe weather conditions make travel to work inadvisable or difficult (a concern for personal health or safety or responsibility for a child or other dependent, which, for example, may be complicated by school closings or elder-care placement problems), working remotely or an absence may be the most suitable course of action. In any case, your supervisor should be notified.

NOTE: Employees who choose to stay at home and not work, or whose jobs preclude them from working from home will be expected to cover the absence with vacation or personal time. In such cases, a manager and staff member should agree as to how the absence will be recorded; that is, whether the time should be made up or taken as a vacation or personal day.

If you have any further questions about the inclement weather policies, please inquire with the Human Resources Office.