Performance Management

The process for FY23 year-end Performance and Development Conversations has begun. We hope these conversations provide you an opportunity to reflect on the progress your teams have made during the past year, and to look toward the future. 

Our performance and development conversations for FY23 will follow the same structure as last year:

  • Managers may begin scheduling and conducting these year-end conversations with their direct reports.
  • Managers will document the reflections and intentions discussed in the year-end conversation in PeopleSoft using the attached instructions.
  • There will be no ratings in FY23. Though a full list of ratings appears in the ratings dropdown menu of the Peoplesoft ePerformance system this year, SEAS managers should select the “No Rating” option.
  • Please enter your summary in PeopleSoft with enough time for your direct report to acknowledge the review by July 15th.  

Meaningful manager-employee check-ins are critical drivers for employee engagement and can support both organizational and team morale and provide a sense of continuity and forward progress. This is an opportunity to build upon conversations between managers and employees to reflect on all that has been accomplished, both individually and collectively throughout the academic year. Employees hired on or after April 1 will not have an annual review for FY23. Instead, managers should complete the 90-day review form provided by HR around the 2-month mark. As always, if there are performance concerns during the first 90 days, please be in touch with HR as soon as possible.

Please review the FY23 Manager Steps in PeopleSoft tip sheet to guide you through the process of documenting your Year End Conversations in PeopleSoft. Please note: Contrary to the instructions in PS to “start sharing” or “stop sharing” your comments, please do not use these features. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to a member of the Human Resources Team. Thank you for your efforts in this process!