Position Reclassification


Any employee who feels their job has changed may request a position review. This University-wide policy applies to both Administrative/Professional and Support Staff employees.


  • Complete the Position Description Questionnaire for Job Classification and Reclassification (PDQ) form. Please pay particular attention to the definitions provided in the form; some sections may not be applicable to your position.
  • Forward the completed form to your manager, who should sign it and forward it to the Human Resources Office.
  • Upon receipt, Human Resources will evaluate the information and make a recommendation. Possible recommendations include a combination of changes to title and grade, salary effective date, or no action. HR will review this information carefully and may call you if further data is needed. Besides these documents, in order to arrive at an appropriate recommendation, they may also review the following: generic job descriptions; comparisons within and outside your area, and if necessary, consultation with other appropriate sources.  
  • If you are in an HUCTW position, the University Joint Reclassification Committee, composed of equal representation from the Union and the University, will review and assist in the resolution of cases not settled at the local level.

Review Process and Timing

At SEAS, PDQ forms are reviewed by Human Resources.   

PDQ forms for non-union staff will not be reviewed and reclassifications/other job changes will not be processed between the dates of May 15 and July 15 so as not to interfere with the annual salary increase process.


The outcome of the review process may include any of the following:

  • Title change
  • Salary adjustment
  • Grade change
  • No change

Demonstrated increased responsibility does not always result in a grade promotion. In some cases, salary adjustments within the position’s current salary range may be made to recognize increased skill level and responsibilities.

Any reclassifications and/or other job changes resulting from the committee reviews will become effective on dates determined at the meeting.