Overtime Policy

Time and absences logged in PeopleSoft are the University’s formal time records. It is important that this record accurately reflect the employee’s weekly work schedule. For compliance purposes, employees and time approvers are required to accurately account for every hour worked and every hour taken off. Overtime worked must be entered and approved on a weekly basis. Every non-exempt employee who works beyond his/her regularly scheduled hours has a right, guaranteed by law, to be appropriately compensated for extra time worked. Please read carefully the SEAS guidelines for overtime pay below.


Overtime must be approved in advance by the employee’s supervisor(s). Details of the approval and overtime reason are required in the PeopleSoft time sheet comments box. If you work for a faculty member, pre-approval for overtime must also come from your Area Director.

  • Overtime under 40 hours in a week may be paid straight time for these additional hours or be banked in a non-interest-bearing compensatory (comp) time off account for future use as paid time off. Comp time must also be approved ahead of time.
  • Overtime over 40 hours in a week must be paid time and one-half the regular hourly rate.
  • Informal banking/substitution of time (e.g., taking time off in one week to adjust for extra time worked in another week) does not meet the University’s reporting requirements and is not permitted.
  • Overtime work is intended to address unanticipated work needs in a unit. Employees are not expected to routinely request or be asked to work overtime.
  • A work week starts at 12:01 AM on Sunday and ends at midnight the next Saturday.

Please review the relevant sections of the Administrative & Professional Staff Personnel Manual (Section 6: Pay Practices) and the HUCTW Personnel Manual (Additional Compensation) for additional guidelines.